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Tianjin Yingmei Pigment Co., Ltd. specialized in providing management services of supply chain for many different industries like Ink, Paint, Coating, Pigment Paste and Plastic, etc. It’s located in Tianjin city.
Tianjin Yingmei Pigment Co., Ltd. has its own factory and warehouse, and dozens of long-term cooperated factories. The product quality is stable and the delivery is in time.
Our factory located in the chemical park of Tangshan city in Hebei Province.Many manufacturers of the raw materials of pigments located around there.That could guarantee the constant supply of the goods.
An advanced laboratory equipment can provide a professional physical & chemical performance testing and application testing to pigments, resin and other products. We keep a very strict consistency with our customers in testing instruments, methods, and the materials.
Its own container incasement warehouse near Qingdao and Shanghai Port can provide a very convenience service for unifying the goods from different factories, unified encasement, customs declaration, and one-off delivery will help our customers to save order time and lotistics cost for Import.
We, Tianjin Yingmei Pigment Co., Ltd. has a long-term cooperation with many excellent Shipping Companies, different delivery terms are accepted, such as: CIF, CNF, and FOB, etc.

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Contact: Mr.Steven

Phone: 008618602245931

Tel: 008618602245931

Company: Tianjin Yingmei Pigment Co.,Ltd.

Add: Floor 11,No.2,Dagu North Road,Heping District,Tianjin City,China

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